The Biden administration took emergency action Friday to allow drivers in Iowa and other states to buy gasoline with 15% ethanol, making the lower-cost fuel available during peak summertime driving.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the emergency waiver allows summer sales of E15, which renewable fuel groups say can cost 27 cents less a gallon than gasoline with 10% ethanol, called E10. President Joe Biden came to Iowa a year ago to announce the same waiver for last summer.

“This action will provide Americans with relief at the pump from ongoing market supply issues created by Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine by increasing fuel supply and offering consumers more choices at the pump,” the EPA said in a news release Friday.

The news was welcomed in Iowa, the nation’s leading producer of corn and ethanol. About half the state’s annual corn crop is used to make the renewable fuel and a high-protein animal feed.

“This is a huge win for Iowa farmers and our ethanol industry and proves that even our biggest adversaries can’t ignore the advantage biofuels brings to our country’s economy and national security,” Gov. Kim Reynolds said in a statement. “Now all Americans will have access to cheaper, cleaner-burning fuel this summer.”

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