Iowa Lincoln Dinner First Test Separating Champs from Chumps

DES MOINES, IOWA (JULY 28, 2023) – Tonight’s Lincoln Dinner hosted by the Republican Party of Iowa was the first Presidential proving-ground event of the Iowa caucuses this cycle. Fields of Freedom, an agriculture-focused coalition working to educate candidates on rural issues, joined hundreds of guests at the Iowa Events Center to kick the tires on the Republican field for 2024.

“The Iowa caucuses have a way of separating the champs from the chumps,” said Fields of Freedom Executive Director Jake Swanson. “Folks want to know which candidates’ policies help keep their farms, feed their families, and fuel their trucks. Understanding how agriculture, biofuels, and kitchen table issues are interconnected can help Presidential hopefuls earn one of the famed three tickets out of Iowa. Those conversations start in the field and ethanol plants and slowly take center stage as we get closer to the caucuses.”

Throughout the evening, candidates pledged support for Iowa’s farmers, rural values, and American-made biofuels, signifying their potential staying power within the crowded Republican field.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum said, “Iowa is key to America achieving true energy independence. You’ve got an all of the above strategy: wind, solar, ethanol, biofuels. They’re all a part of an all of the above approach that makes America an energy superpower.”

President Donald Trump said, “As President, I issued a rule declaring all E15 would be made available all year-round and you could utilize your pumps and all of the existing equipment which is saving hundreds of millions of dollars for Iowa and I dramatically increased the number of fueling pumps where E15 could be sold all across the country.”

Fields of Freedom represents the millions of hardworking family farmers and rural workers who fuel and feed our nation through agriculture and bioprocessing. For more information, visit